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Madden’s Regular Weekly Content Might Be Delayed By Hurricane Ian

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If you were hoping for more Madden 23 content as part of the game’s weekly schedule, you might be waiting a little longer. With Florida currently experiencing horrid complications due to the rapidly approaching Hurricane Ian, developer EA Tiburon announced that this week’s Madden drops are “subject to change.”

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), a sort of fantasy football mode, gets new content every week. The updates include player drops in the AKA Program, Team of the Week, and Gridiron Guardians categories, among others. This week was no different, with the official MUT Twitter account sharing what players could expect throughout the week in EA’s long-running (and very busted) football simulator. Except there’s one big caveat: This all could be delayed due to the weather.

“Content is subject to change or experience delays due to Hurricane Ian,” the MUT Twitter account posted. “Any and all updates or changes will be noted here or [on] Madden NFL Direct.”

In case you haven’t been following the news, Hurricane Ian has been pummeling Cuba, causing evacuations, cutting the power of millions of people, and tearing houses apart. According to Reuters, the hurricane is now targeting Florida and the rest of the Gulf Coast. NPR reports that the hurricane has intensified, upgrading to a Category 4 storm before its landfall in The Sunshine State. And according to The Associated Press, state governor (and noted piece of shit) Ron DeStantis has declared a state of emergency in preparation for Ian’s potentially catastrophic damage. All across Florida, schools and stores are closing up, bracing for Hurricane Ian’s devastating impact, Axios reports.

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Unfortunately, Madden 23‘s development team, EA Tiburon, is based in Florida. Located in Maitland, about 20 minutes north of Orlando, the studio seems to be in the hurricane’s crosshairs. It’s unclear how much employees at Tiburon will be impacted by the storm’s effects, but I’m sure the Madden player community will understand if the extreme weather leads to any delays in the game’s content.

Kotaku has reached out to EA for comment.

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