Tuesday, September 27

DBZ Fans Are Losing It At Vegeta And Goku Dancing In Fortnite

Fortnite has officially gone Super Saiyan and players can’t get enough of Dragon Ball Z’s stars chasing victory royales with Nimbus clouds and Kamehamehas. But they’re especially into the dancing. Off-brand Goku and Vegeta avatars are tearing up the internet with their new emote moves, and longtime fans are hypnotized.

There is a lot going on in Fortnite’s latest massive crossover event, from in-game Dragon Ball Super watch parties to Kamehameha duels, but so far nothing tops simply watching the anime icons bust out Juice or Griddy. Yes, Goku’s head is too big, Vegeta’s legs surely have an extra quad or two, and Bulma deserves way more guns. That said, the Z fighter takeover is probably already on its way to being one of the best Dragon Ball games in recent years.

“King Vegeta n’ Bardock sacrificed themselves for that?” asked one fan on Twitter while watching Kakarot pantomime pulling coke-bottle glasses up to his eyes.

Well, not just that. Vegeta finally gets to unleash his own Kamehameha after years of getting his ass kicked by it. In fact, so can Venom against Darth Vader’s lightsaber. The dark side has nothing on the Turtle School, it turns out. Long have anime-pilled fans wondered about these and other questions. Fortnite is finally providing some concrete answers.

The pair can even go full scarface when they run out of Ki now. This is why they pay Epic Games the big bucks.

And today is just the start. Dragon Ball Adventure Island will arrive on August 19 with new activities and a PvP battle arena. That also happens to be the same day Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero comes out in theaters. DBZ’s Fortnite takeover, meanwhile, will last until September 17.



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