Friday, September 30

Los Angeles Chargers Reveal Football Schedule As An Anime Opening And It’s Incredible

The NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers has revealed its upcoming 2022-23 football schedule in the best way possible and it’s a must-watch. 

Releasing a football schedule might sound boring on paper, and perhaps if you’re not the Chargers it is, but the Los Angeles-based team decided to do something we think every NFL team should do: release its football schedule as an anime opening, complete with a great track and some well-done animation that harkens back to anime favorites like One Piece, Attack On Titan, and much more. Check it out for yourself below!

As you can see, the video begins with a nice logo treatment before revealing that the Chargers will face the Las Vegas Raiders in both teams’ first game of the 2022-23 season. And if you’re at all familiar with One Piece, you can see how the Chargers turned the Raiders into the One Piece team. 


The rest of the video contains a bunch of other great anime references so be sure to check it out and let us know which one is your favorite below! After that, read Game Informer’s Madden NFL 22 review.

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