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Final Fantasy XIV’s Director Is Asking You Not To Be Assholes

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Final Fantasy XIV recently introduced a new 5v5 player-vs-player mode called Crystalline Conflict. And while for the most part it seems to be going just fine, and folks are happy with it, the team behind the game aren’t as happy with some people’s behaviour in the mode, and so have taken the time to address the issues in a blog post.

Writing on the game’s site, director and producer Naoki Yoshida has said in his most parental tone how disappointed he and the whole team are with some of your behaviour, reminding everyone (and I’m slightly/entirely paraphrasing here) that while you might pull that troll multiplayer shit elsewhere, it is most definitely not welcome in Final Fantasy XIV.

Yoshida starts by addressing the issue of “uncooperative/lethargic behavior”:

All PvP content, including Crystalline Conflict, is intended to be a battle/contest of skill between players. Participants must bring their best to the fight, and for this reason uncooperative or lethargic behavior is prohibited. Let’s strive to do our best even in situations where defeat is imminent, regardless of whether or not you’re interested in the rewards.

Motivational! Next, he moves onto “taunting”, “abusive” and “slanderous” language:

Taunting, abusive, or slanderous language on chat is prohibited not only in Crystalline Conflict, but in all PvP content. The following examples of target marker/emote usage and other behaviors are also considered taunting behavior and fall under prohibited activities.

– Repeatedly using the Quick Chat phrase “Nice job!” during a disadvantageous situation

– Repeatedly using the Quick Chat phrase “Good match!” before the outcome of the match has even been decided

– Excessively repeating a particular Quick Chat phrase

– Persistently placing a negative target marker on another ally player

– Using and repeating an emote on top of a downed opponent

– Setting off fireworks on top of a downed opponent

– Using Tell or other methods to directly harass/criticize a player outside of a duty after a match has ended

– Slandering other players through means outside of the game, such as social media

The above is not an exhaustive list of what constitutes taunting/abusive behavior; what’s most important is how your actions affect the recipient and others around you, as well as your intent behind them.

This is wonderful. Too often these kind of statements from teams are all stick no carrot, focused solely on the disciplinary side of things. It’s lovely seeing a team step back, look at the wider issues and think, yes, most of these players are probably inherently good people caught in a moment, so that even when things are at their worst, we should believe every one of them is also capable of striving to do their best.

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