Tuesday, October 4

The Best Kirby and the Forgotten Land Power-Ups To Reach Maximum Poyo Mode

Kirby blasts a hound in the fast with a shot from his pop gun.

Kirby keeps a Tommy for the foolery.
Image: Nintendo

Having fully shifted into poyo-mode with roughly two-thirds (or three fifths, some sort of fraction. Math is hard) of Kirby and the Forgotten Land finished, I can finally say I’ve nestled myself into a comfortable groove of go-to power load outs. Venturing out into the dystopian world with nothing but my wits and Kirby’s cuteness about me has become a cake walk, thanks to Kirby’s rad powers and their even radder evolutions. I’d even caution to say they’ve managed to offset the shock from viewing any of Kirby’s Mouthful Modes.

(I’m looking at you Initial D Karby. Like anatomically, how does he drive? Does he use his tongue?)

Anyway, in experimenting with different powers and becoming familiar with their use cases in several time-trial Treasure Hunts, I’ve started the habit of picking out three power abilities based on how drippy his fits are, along with how much light work they make out of enemies and boss fights.

Honorable mentions to the Bayonetta Witch Time (or JoJo’s The World stand) time stopping power Time Crash and the Katamari Damacy-esque Clutter Needle. Y’all were fun but I couldn’t see myself using you that often. Without further ado, here’s my top three powers in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.


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