Sunday, September 25

Look Out, Horizon Forbidden West Has A Hole In It

The view from underneath Horizon Forbidden West with Aloy gliding beneath the mountains.

Screenshot: Guerrilla Games / Kotaku

Horizon Forbidden West is an absolutely extraordinary game. It’s also enormous and littered with hundreds upon hundreds of little secrets and hidden details. Although one recently discovered by Reddit user squidflowpro is certainly not meant to be there—it’s a cave that lets you jump straight out of the world. We had a go.

Obviously, a game of this scale and scope is going to have glitches and errors. Heck, until the last patch Horizon Forbidden West itself would respawn players outside of the game’s boundaries when tackling the Kappa Cauldron. I’ve fallen through the fabric of its reality a few times in different places, but never via something so blatant and oddly deliberate as this cave. Have a look:

To find the cave yourself, you’ll want to head to The Greypeak, a rebel outpost South of Cliffwatch, and a fair way directly East from Tide’s Reach. It’s easiest to reach if you’ve unlocked the ability to travel by air, but you can get there on foot too.

Horizon Forbidden West's map, showing the location of the cave to nowhere.

Screenshot: Guerrilla Games / Kotaku

Once in the snowy spot, you want to climb up the awkward slope to the left of the cave (note my sneaky editing in the video as I clip out my prancing about), then glide down into the cave entrance. Or, if you can, just fly above it and swoop straight in. Then you run along the path and emerge in…nowhere.

The precise location of Horizon Forbidden West's cave to nowhere.

Screenshot: Guerrilla Games / Kotaku

If you jump off, you can glide around under the world for a fair amount of time, which proves to be an oddly peaceful and pretty endeavor. Somehow, HFW looks pretty even when it’s glitched out and seen from outside its boundaries. Release the glider and you’ll fall a fair distance before dying and respawning at the nearest campfire.

Another view of Aloy gliding beneath the map of Horizon Forbidden West.

Screenshot: Guerrilla Games / Kotaku

As Games Radar points out, this makes a great location for scoring the “Complete A Long Glide” achievement. It’s also just a fun, peculiar perspective on a game that’s absorbed my evenings for the last two months.

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