Wednesday, September 28

Razer’s Headquarters Looks Like One Of Its Gaming Peripherals

Razer's headquarters in the evening.

This headquarters certainly suits Razer.
Screenshot: Razer/YouTube/Kotaku

Razer is known for its black-and-green gaming keyboards, headsets and desktops. And now, add regional headquarters to that illuminated list.

Pointed out by VR dev Kenji Iguchi in a now-viral tweet, Razer’s new Southeast Asia headquarters is the most Razer-y thing imaginable. I mean, just look at it! You couldn’t mistake that building for the offices of any other company.

People stand in front of Razer's headquarters at night.

I hope you like the colors green and black.
Image: Razer

“Standing tall as one of the most distinctive architectural landmarks in one-north,” notes an official press release, “Razer’s new headquarters features an iconic black façade with acid green lines streaking across the building—a tribute to the brand’s instantly recognizable aesthetic.”

The Razer headquarters during the day.

It’s more subdued during daylight hours.
Screenshot: Razer/YouTube/Kotaku

During the day, it looks less Razer-y, but once the sun sets, the building’s vibe is pure gaming peripheral.

The Razer offices at night.

Full-on, Razer mode.
Image: Razer

The headquarters is located in One-north, which is Singapore’s technology and business center.

Inside the Razer offices.

It’s like you’re inside a Razer peripheral.
Screenshot: Razer/YouTube/Kotaku

But inside, is it also dark and neon green? That would be pretty cool—like being inside a Razer peripheral. But I’m not sure if that’s the best lighting for work, day in and day out.

An office at Razer, filled with gaming chairs.

I like the chairs.
Screenshot: Razer/YouTube/Kotaku

Thankfully for employees’ eyes, the office appear to be well-lit. Notice how the chairs are all Razer gaming chairs? Even the executive meeting rooms use them.

“With the new Razer Southeast Asia Headquarters, we’re excited to expand our family in Singapore from 600 to 1,000 employees,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer’s Co-Founder and CEO.

There’s space for employees to unwind at work, with analog games as well.

Pictured is a rest area for employees.

This is a nice space.
Screenshot: Razer/YouTube/Kotaku

“The new regional hub represents everything that Razer stands for, from innovation, to design, to sustainability, and will not only be home to Razer’s growing staff, but to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and even gamers looking for a place to train and learn as well.”

Pictured is a robotic arm.

A robot-arm barista awaits your order.
Image: Razer

If that weren’t enough (it’s not, apparently!), the building also houses a RazerStore and a RazerCafe, with a robotic barista arm serving up coffee.

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