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Millionaire sales of GTA V show why Take-Two is not urgent to release GTA VI | LevelUp

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A few days ago, Take-Two finally confirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI is in development. Fans had undoubtedly been waiting for this announcement for years and on several occasions impatiently questioned the company why it did not reveal it. Well, Take-Two has a very good reason why it didn’t bother to announce the next game: the incredible sales it continues to have. Grand Theft Auto V.

The franchise Grand Theft Auto has become one of the pillars of Rockstar and Take-Two. Despite the fact that the last installment debuted in 2013, it continues to sell like few games that have just been released and it is enough to take a look at its most recent sales figures.

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Grand Theft Auto V Y Red Dead Redemption 2 they still sell very well

Take-Two held a meeting with investors (via Twinfinite) in which he talked about the sales of his games and what caught his attention were those of Grand Theft Auto V Y Red Dead Redemption 2, since they have already managed to sell more than 160 million and 43 million units, respectively.

This is extremely surprising, especially the sales of Grand Theft Auto V. The last time we heard of sales figures for this title was in November, when Take-Two announced that it had already sold more than 155 million units. This means that in 3 months the game sold around 5 million units. The exact figure is not known, since Take-Two only mentions “more than”, followed by the millions, but in August of last year it had already exceeded 150 million copies sold, so it can be seen that the game holds the sales rate of 5 million per quarter.

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How many games of GTA Y Red Dead Redemption have been sold in history?

Of course, the sales figures of these 2 games is impressive, but the amount of global sales of the franchises is even more surprising, because with this it was announced that the series Red Dead Redemption already has more than 65 million units sold in its history and Grand Theft Auto It has already surpassed the 370 million copies mark.

So far, the new installment of each franchise has not been officially revealed, so we can expect the number to continue to grow smoothly for at least the next 2 years.

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