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Can you tell if someone is online on WeChat?

TechJunkie’s mailbox is full of WeChat questions from readers who have installed the app and are trying to get to grips with it. This page will answer some of the most popular ones, such as ‘Can you tell if someone is online on WeChat?’ ‘Does WeChat notify when a message is read?’ “Is WeChat really spying for the Chinese government?” ‘How do I find people on WeChat?’ ‘Does WeChat make videos?’

WeChat is a great little app. It spans continents, but is used in completely different ways depending on where you live. If you’re in China, WeChat is a complete ecosystem that includes chat, social media, web browsing, payment gateways, e-commerce, and more. Use it in the West and it is primarily a social network and chat app. Wherever you use it, you are among the billion people who apparently use WeChat regularly.

I guess that’s why it’s such a popular topic of discussion here. So let’s answer those questions.

Can you tell if someone is online on WeChat?

The answer is very short, no. You can’t tell if someone is online on WeChat. Notifications are not something WeChat would like to get involved with and online status is just one of them. There is no alert or marker to show if someone is online on WeChat.

If you want to know if someone is there, you’ll have to ask them.

Does WeChat notify when a message is read?

Which leads nicely to the next question. Does WeChat notify when a message is read? Again, the answer is no. WeChat also wanted nothing to do with these notifications. He looked at other social networks that use notifications and didn’t like the effect it had on users.

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People stressed by a read notification when the response takes a long time to arrive. Anxiety about saying something wrong or having to respond quickly to a message for fear that the original sender will be angry if you don’t. All of those things are negative on social media and WeChat wanted to go a different way. This blog post on WeChat explains his thinking.

Is WeChat really spying for the Chinese government?

This is a very controversial topic, but it’s a question I’m often asked about WeChat. It is unfortunate that we are suspicious of anything that comes out of China. That is mainly due to our own government and its suspicions about the nation. It’s also because China is apparently going to great lengths to justify that suspicion, but that’s a debate for another day.

Is there any real evidence of WeChat spying on users? No. Is there speculation that WeChat spies on users? Yes a lot. it is covered here, here, here Y here. All of these are a year or so old, but remain relevant until something changes. At least for now, you need to decide if you feel safe using the app.

How do I find people on WeChat?

As a social network, WeChat offers a few ways to find people using the app. Once you install it on your phone, you will be prompted to allow you to check your phone contacts. It will scroll through them and see if any of them also use WeChat and put you in touch with them.

You can also use WeChat ID. Find out someone’s WeChat ID, press Add Contact and enter their ID to make friends in the app. You can also use your QR code which works like Snapchat.

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There is also a Discover feature where you can discover anyone near your location who is also using WeChat. Select the Discover tab within the app, select Nearby People, and see who’s online around you.

Does WeChat make videos?

WeChat mimics many of the features of other networks and recently introduced the ability to record short 20-second videos. This isn’t TikTok, but the ability to add a video to your social post can be interesting or useful depending on your goal.

If you swipe down on the WeChat main window, you should open the camera app. Long press the camera icon to record your video. You can then save and share as needed.

Those are some of the most popular WeChat questions we get asked here at TechJunkie. I’ll try to reply sooner and will continue until we’ve answered them all, so please submit if you have them!

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