Tuesday, October 4

Real Madrid needs Valverde to feel important

Faith Valverde he is only 23 years old. This is a fourth season in the Real Madrid, a team in which a place was won by the hand of Solar. His path in the team has always been marked by the absolute dominance of the trio that they form Casemiro, Kroos and Modric. He has never had the title tag, but he does have that of an important player who over the years should become a regular and valuable piece in the elevens of the Real Madrid.

But the injuries, five in the last two seasons with two coronavirus processes included, have prevented his team from having the Uruguayan regularly. So far this season, it was very important for Ancelotti when the season started. Until the Classic arrived. At Camp Nou I lost ownership and was seriously injured in the final stretch of the match. Since then everything has been a coming and going of the team with hardly any continuity.

Against Granada he was a substitute. Ancelotti preferred Camavinga in the face of the last-minute loss of casemiro due to gastroenteritis. That bet served to make it clear that the Frenchman is not a good solution for the defensive pivot. Madrid got stuck in attack and did not let Granada generate dangerous arrivals.

At the break, the Italian coach rectified. I left Camavinga in the shower and sent Faith Valverde. The change was radical. With the little bird on the field, Madrid’s game was more dynamic, more energetic and turned the game into a stage in which only half of the field defending the team could be seen. Granada.

With Valverde On the pitch, Madrid wins in many things. Because his profile is the one that most closely resembles the profile of dominant midfielders in today’s football. For something teams like Bayern or the Liverpool they have wanted to know what happens with the future of the Uruguayan. The answer was given by Madrid with the renewal of Faith until 2027.

Now comes the time when the season outlines the final judgement. If the injuries respect him, Valverde must be a valuable element in the plans of Ancelotti. And not only as an element to dose the holy trinity of the midfield. Because Valverde every time he plays he loads of arguments to have a place in the team. It is evident that in the 4-3-3 it is not easy for him to enter, but it is also clear that Ancelotti must try to make the Uruguayan feel important. Because Madrid needs Valvede and the Uruguayan needs to feel that he really has a place.


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