Tuesday, October 4

Lúdilo launches Buildzi, Hideout with Monsters and Robot Workshop • Console and Board

Lúdilo expands its catalog with three new titles: Buildzi, Hideout with Monsters Y robot workshop. The editorial confirms how they are available, in the form of family and children’s experiences.


Buildzi, Hideout with Monsters Y robot workshop They are already a reality, thanks to Lúdilo. The first is a challenge for 2 players, while the others are designed to be enjoyed alone, under the SmartGames label.


This competition between 2 players proposes us to be the fastest builder. We will win by raising the tower, as long as it is not destroyed in the process. The game begins by giving each player a construction card. The pieces are arranged in the center.

Simultaneously, they will flip the card and stack the indicated blocks, following the pattern. The first to play it correctly claims victory. The challenges, indicated from the age of 6, have a duration of 10 minutes. It is practiced with speed, psychomotricity and spatial vision.

Buildzi It also has a cooperative mode, in which you join forces with your partner. As a curiosity, it is part of the family of Slapzi.

Hide and Seek with Monsters

Hide and Seek with Monsters

60 challenges give life to this solo title, indicated from the age of 6. What is defined as a logic game for preschoolers, easy to transport, invites you to hide all the monsters under the bed.

The first step is to choose a challenge, taking into account the desired difficulty level. With the four puzzle pieces, you will have to cover all the monsters, except those that are shown in the challenge itself. We will check if the solution is correct to move on to the next one. In this case, concentration, problem solving and planning are exercised.

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robot workshop

robot workshop

This other box of challenges for a player is indicated from 8 to 99 years. It consists of 48 challenges in which to apply ingenuity to create robots by sliding pieces.

As in the previous one, we choose a challenge. We will place the eight pieces inside the board, following the marked instructions. The mission will be assemble complete robots, composed of a body and wheels or legs.

Once they are all assembled, we check the solution. In addition to logic, we work with spatial perception and memory.


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