Tuesday, October 4

It Takes Two exceeds 5 million copies sold

It Takes Two it became one of the most outstanding games of 2021 and in fact won the Game of the Year award at the last The Game Awards. Perhaps because of the good reviews among players and the press, or because of the recognition that he still receives with distinctions, his success has not waned: exceeds 5 million copies sold shortly before its first year -it was launched on March 25, 2021-.

Last June it reached 2 million and in October it exceeded 3 million. “It Takes Two It is a great game and one of the most pleasant surprises that 2021 has left us, proposing a purely cooperative adventure with a lot of charm and with a hilarious and varied development to the point of saying enough that turns each of our steps into a constant surprise”, we told in the analysis of this Hazelight game, creators of A Way Out, another game designed for the cooperative.

A game that will be adapted to a movie or series

The popularity of It Takes Two not stay in the video game. As reported by Variety these days, director Joseph Fares produce an adaptation for film or television with dj2 Entertainment: “Create the world and history of It Takes Two It was a lot of fun for both me and the team. Since it has a strong narrative with lots of wacky characters and crazy moments of co-op action, the potential for a good adaptation to film or television is enormousFares said.

It Takes Two vende m

“We are honored to collaborate with Josef, Oskar and the amazing team at Hazelight Studios on the adaptation of It Takes Two. Like the rest of the video game world, we fell head over heels for Cody, May, Rose, Dr. Hakim, and the imaginative fantasy universe that Hazelight has created, and We can’t wait to bring these characters and this world to life on the big and small screen.“, segn Dmitri M. Johnson, director ejecutivo de dj2 Entertainment.


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