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How to complete The First Biomarker in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

When you activate the alder windmill in the Trinity district, a trading post will be unlocked to the southwest of the windmill, near the border between the Trinity and Houndfield districts. There you can meet McGregor, who will give you The First Biomaker quest, along with a note from Dr. Katsumi containing a riddle with clues to the safe code:

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  • What gets smaller when you flip it over?
  • An odd number: remove a letter and become even
  • A girl goes to the store and buys a dozen eggs. As he goes home, all but three eggs break. How many eggs are left unbroken?

After talking to McGregor, head down the street and turn to the northwest side of Saint Joseph’s Hospital. Climb up the damaged strip on the wall near the two ambulances, then jump onto the ladder and use it to get to the roof. Go left and climb up the big square hole in the wall. The safe is in this room.

  • A 9 turns into a 6 when you flip it over, so the first number in the security code is 9
  • If you remove the letter ‘s’ from the word ‘seven’, you get the word ‘even’, so the second number of the secure code is 7
  • If all but three of the eggs break, there are three intact eggs left, so the third number of the safe code is 3
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So the safe code for the first biomarker is 973, so enter 9 – 7 – 3 on your dial and open it to get the first biomarker. Take it to McGregor and he will give you an inhibitor and the confidential notice to the GRE staff.

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Screenshot of Juice Mobile

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