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Cool! Wordle, the viral game, can now be enjoyed on the Game Boy | LevelUp

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Wordle It appeared out of nowhere and its popularity skyrocketed among gamers. The viral title continues to cause a sensation, so someone decided to bring it to new platforms so that more people can enjoy it.

Youtuber StackSmashing had a good idea to design a custom version of Wordle that ran on a Game Boy. His project was a complete success, so he released a ROM that is now available for free to all interested parties.

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Yes, a version of Wordle came to the first game boy

StackSmashing made available to all players their version of Wordle for Game Boy, which can also be played without problems on the Analogue Pocket. The title follows the rules of the original, but with some limitations.

The youtuber explained that the ROM is very small since it includes a limited list of words. For this reason, he is already working on several improvements for his version of the title originally created by Josh Wardle.

The good news is that it is not necessary to have one of the portable consoles to enjoy this new version of Wordle, well can also be run from a browsereven on mobile devices.

StackSmashing shared the ROM for the consoles and other files from their project at a GitHub repository. The community received the game very well and congratulated its creator for the work he did with the adaptation.

It should be noted that StackSmashing offers its version of the game for free to everyone, since previously some people copied Wordle for profit without any permission from the original creator.

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