Thursday, December 8

Valencia knocks down Real Madrid in a brutal exchange of attacks

El Valencia responded to the exchange of blows Real Madrid and knocked down the leader (93-94) after a first part of total offensive mess of both teams. But it was the taronjas who found the best balance and, from the hand of Prepelic (16) and Rivero (16 + 4), which put the white rooks in check, frustrated one by one all of his rival’s comeback attempts to add his fifth win in a row. Madrid, good in attack, I rose in the end hand in hand with his old guard -indomitable Llull (17) and Rudy (16)-, and had chances of winning, but added his third loss in a row in the league and compromise your leadership.


Both teams led to the letter in the first half the doctrine of ‘let it happen’, the laissez-faire of the eighteenth-century French free market. And there were two Gauls, Yabusele y Heurtel, with three triples each, which led a partial 16-2 (23-13 min 6). But Valencia also enjoyed the permissive white defense, as weak as theirs, to hit back with a 2-14 led by two of their ‘babys’, Pradilla and Puerto (25-27, min 9).

A formidable success of both teams

The Madrid loss despite accrediting 6/7 t3 and 5/9 t2. But Valencia did not stay behind (11/14 t2 y 3/5 t3). The sit-down dynamic did not change, with Lull and Rudy neutralizing the triples of Prepelic y Van Rossom. Later Dimitrijevic y Puertor established the maximum taronja (44-51), trimmed by Tavares and Yabusele before the break (48-51). An NBA score.


With so much success, the team that lowered its ass back before would have won a lot. And that was Valencia, who pressed on defense and could run to score with a 4-15 (52-65, min 24), with Rivero dancing to Tavares. But the whites did not give up. They bit in defense with an exemplary Rudy, and Williams-Goss and Llull, the latter with two triples, revived his team, who leveled with a triple from the Mallorcan (74-74, min 31).

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Llull from the triple and Tavares in the zone neutralized the success of López-Arstegui and Prepelic in the first instance. But the Biscayan and Rivero put the Taronjas on the winning path (83-90 min 38). But the word surrender is not in the Laso dictionary. Rudy, with a triple, Poirier and Yabusele made the comeback (90-90, at 1.19).

His joy did not last long, because Valencia was better in those 79 seconds and sealed the win with a 2+1 from Rivero and a free kick from Prepelic, while Tavares and Heurtel missed the Whites’ attacks (90-94). Llull’s triple three seconds from the end added emotion to the final moments of the match. Especially since López-Arstegui missed his first free kick. But he threw the second to fail and the rebound ended in a throw-in for Valencia, the fair winner.

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