Tuesday, October 4

Ubisoft is rewarding its developers by giving them their NFTs

The NFT They continue to monopolize part of the news in the world of video games with a large part of the companies backing down on their plans with NFTs while others like Ubisoft continue to firmly defend these cryptographic tokens.

In the midst of all the controversy that has arisen around Ubisoft’s position with NFTs, several developers were unhappy with the way forward of the company and, after this, the last and unexpected move of Ubisoft to calm the waters and rewarding their employees has been… give them a series of special NFTs of their own creation.

Specifically, it has been several developers of the Ghost Recon saga who have received some NFT to “celebrate” the 20th anniversary of the saga, NFTs that arrive in response to a member of the Ghost Recon team itself who claimed that the developers “they hated this crypto shit“, with Ubisoft urging them to have their own NFTs for free so they could check their supposed benefits for themselves.

For Ubisoft we do not understand the NFT

This move by Ubisoft is the latest in a controversy that has been going on for a long time and is that, for Ubisoft, we players do not understand the benefits of Quartz, its NFT trading platform, pointing out that we do not understand “What a digital aftermarket can give you (…) is about giving players the opportunity to resell their items once they’re done with them or done playing the game itself.”“. pointing out that it is really beneficial but that we do not understand it “for now“.

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