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NieR: Automata anime? Clues suggest the announcement is imminent | LevelUp

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NieR: Automata managed to make the franchise get the popularity that its predecessor had not obtained. The installment became a complete bestseller for Square Enix, which has released a wide variety of in-game merchandise thus far. Well, apparently the Japanese company wants to continue taking advantage of the popularity of the game to adapt the game to an animation.

an anime of NieR: Automata? You read it right, since there are some clues that Square Enix intends to venture into this entertainment medium with the game developed by PlatinumGames.

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The announcement of the anime NieR: Automata seems imminent

As we told you, it is not just 1 track, but 2. The first one that came to light was the one given by the Twitter user Spanku_u, who is known for leaking animation projects before they are officially revealed. The information offered by this user is succinct, since it only states that Nier: Automata It will be adapted to anime.

It is important to make it clear that the anime would be specifically from NieR: Automata and not from other installments in the series. This information was reinforced when it was learned that the web domain was registered in Japan today, according to Twitter user AniNewsAndFacts. When trying to access this address, an error appears when writing the note.

The adaptation of franchises to anime is not something strange for Square Enix. A few months ago, in fact, the company released an anime of The World Ends with You. In addition, making this kind of adaptations to other entertainment media is becoming more frequent, with recent examples such as animations of League of Legends and others that are under development, such as Devil May Cry.

All in all, we do not doubt that the revelation of an anime of NieR: Automata be imminent. What causes anxiety is to know if it is a project based directly on the game, on its novels; whether it will offer entirely new content or expand on the original story or whether the game’s writers will be involved. We will keep you informed.

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