Friday, September 30

It Takes Two has sold 5 million copies

Cooperative adventure game It Takes Two has passed a few milestones in the past year that it’s been around. It reached 1 million copies sold about a month after release, then hit 2 million copies in June of last year. Now, the award-winning game has crossed the five million mark.

Hazelight Developer tweeted the news, saying the studio “is absolutely stunned at how many gamers have enjoyed it.” It Takes Two is a cooperative game, so mathematically, 5 million copies sold would mean that probably around 10 million people played it, an impressive number, to be sure. Hazelight may have had to drop the game’s trademark due to a claim from publisher Take-Two, but that clearly hasn’t stopped people from finding and enjoying the game.

Turns out It Take Two is getting TV and movie adaptations. Production company dj2 Entertainment is taking charge of that, with Sonic the Hedgehog film writers Pat Casey and Josh Miller joined the project. Considering the game has the heart and imagination of a classic animated film, a big-screen adaptation makes a lot of sense.

The love for the game just keeps coming. It Takes Two took home the top prize at The Game Awards 2021, and is also nominated for Game of the Year at the DICE Awards.

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