Wednesday, October 5

Hoa will have a physical edition in March • Console and Board

Meridiem Games will release flower, in physical format, on March 11. This edition will be compatible with PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The distributor remembers what the proposal consists of.


As we learned in its presentation, we are facing a puzzle and platform game with an artistic section made by hand. To the sound of relaxing music, recorded live, we move between a “captivating atmosphere”.

Our main character is Hoa, who embarks on a journey halfway between nostalgia and emotion. We will run into all kinds of magical creatures. Some will want our friendship, telling us captivating stories.

It is remembered how tenderness will be guaranteed, as well as we explore and solve puzzles. Everything will be easier than it seems, so the really important thing will be to relax and enjoy the narration.

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