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“Thanks!” Doug Bowser is happy about Switch sales | LevelUp

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As expected, the Nintendo Switch exceeded 100 million units sold during the end of 2021 and became the most successful home console in the history of the Japanese company. This milestone for Nintendo was possible thanks to the fact that the hybrid proposal hit the spot, supported by high-quality exclusivities, and there are millions of users who enjoy the console every day, something that makes the head of Nintendo of America very happy , Douglas Bowser.

Bowser is happy for the success of Switch

After the Nintendo financial report was presented, which gave an account of the commercial beast that is Switch and its video games, Doug Bowser, head of Nintendo of America, celebrated the 103.54 million units sold of the hybrid console but did so by recognizing the players who have propelled Nintendo to the top. Hence, the director thanked the fans saying: “an image that is worth more than 103 million smiles. Thank you very much for your support.”

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With its 103 million units sold from the Switch family, that is, the standard model, Lite and OLED, Nintendo surpassed the Wii, its most successful console until last year, and it has already done the same with the first PlayStation. Sales are expected to remain high and the fact is that the hybrid console has maintained a good pace in the market, also caused by the difficulties in the distribution of the new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, although for many players it is about a complementary system and it cannot be denied that having a Switch to enjoy Nintendo IPs is a great option on a par with the new systems.

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