Tuesday, October 4

Steam will show the size of a game in its listing before we try to install it

Valve is making a lot of moves during the weeks leading up to the launch of Steam Deck, its “console” that will reach the homes of its first buyers on next february 28 to say goodbye through the big door the second month of the year.

Today we find the change in the file of the games that we have in our library, with a relatively minor modification that is easy to go unnoticed but at the same time will be very useful especially on computers that do not have much storage capacity… like Steam Deck that has a memory of 64 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB depending on the model (although we can expand it if we want).

Focusing on the novelty in question arrives with the latest public beta of Steam that will soon appear in the final version of the application, finding that in the file of the games that we have, next to the install button, there is a section that shows the space required of the game on our PC and that replaces the section that indicated the last time we played the title, something much less useful. You can check the difference in the image that we leave below:

Dynamic synchronization with Cloud, another one of the improvements for Steam Deck

During the last months Valve has put the batteries quite a lot with Steam, applying all kinds of improvements to its browser and download manager with Steam Deck in mind, yes, but we are convinced that it is also improving its application to differentiate itself even more from its most direct competition, the Epic Games Store, which is quite a bit behind in that respect. sense.

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A feature that Gabe Newell’s company has added rather recently and that has confirmed that it is intended for Steam Deck is the so-called Dynamic Synchronization with Cloud since knowing that “users will suspend their Steam Deck frequently without exiting the game, as is common with other handheld gaming devices. With Dynamic Cloud Sync, users can choose to play on another device (be it a computer or another Steam Deck) and their progress will be waiting for them.“.


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