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How to play cooperative in Dying Light 2 Stay Human: when can you play cooperative?

While Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s story only focuses on one character, you can play most of the content with friends and strangers. Once you’ve finally gotten to the point where you can invite others to your game, you should consider playing cooperatively. Here’s how to start a cooperative session in Dying Light 2 Stay Human with friends.

First, before you can play Dying Light 2 cooperatively, you’ll need to beat the prologue. This should take about an hour and a half to two hours. You’ll know you’ve done it when the game tells you that you can now freely roam the open world. From then on, until the end of the game, you can bring anyone into your game: no level or story progression restrictions.

When you want to invite someone to your game, pause the game and go to the Online Menu. If you are connected to the Dying Light 2 servers, it will say that you are connected in the upper right corner of your screen. Go to Online Settings.

By default, the game will have its game session set to single player only. You can set this to Public, Private, and Friends Only. Call for Help: Search and Rescue is a feature that will occasionally appear on the screen of death. If you have it activated, the game will look for someone to join your party and lend you a hand. Also, make sure to set the voice chat settings as you like.

Once you’ve set your settings, go back to the Online Menu and go to your Friends List. Anyone currently showing online can be invited and join your game. If they accept the invite outside of Dying Light 2, they will have to choose the save file they want to play with.

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In a cooperative session, all players must be in the same place to interact with quest givers and important cutscenes. Fortunately, if someone is too far away, you can fast travel to the waiting group using the command in the top right corner of the screen.

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