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Fans ask Phil Spencer to buy PlatinumGames for this message from Kamiya | LevelUp

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PlatinumGames and Microsoft have a stumbling block in common: Scalebound, Xbox One title that was canceled in January 2017. Since then, the companies have repeatedly spoken about their mistakes and how difficult it would be to revive the project.

Hideki Kamiya, a senior creative at the studio, recently apologized to Microsoft and the community for the failed project. Likewise, he has asked the players to be vocal and request the return of Scalebound a Phil Spencer y Xbox.

The developer still has hope that the project will be revived in some form. We tell you this since he asked Spencer again for an opportunity to work together. The players took advantage of this to tell the manager to take out his wallet and now buy PlatinumGames.

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Kamiya wants to work with Xbox and fans want Microsoft to buy Platinum

PlatinumGames is celebrating several milestones, such as the recent reveal of the date for sun crest and the renewed appearance of its offices. As part of these celebrations, the studio received gifts from prominent industry figures, including Phil Spencer.

Kamiya boasted on his Twitter account of part of the gifts, especially the one in the name of Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Gaming and, of course, Spencer. The Japanese creative took the opportunity to invite the manager to work together again.

โ€œThank you Phil! Let’s work together again,” was the short message Kamiya posted. As you can imagine, there are Xbox fans excited about the possibility of PlatinumGames making a new project for the company or even thinking about reviving Scalebound.

Some fans asked Spencer to make the collaboration a reality or even buy PlatinumGames to create exciting new projects. On the other hand, there are players who are not happy with the idea, as they think that PlatinumGames failed and that it is better to invest in other studios.

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