Thursday, September 29

Dying Light 2 removed the area where it showed its first gameplay and discarded other content

Techland launched yesterday and after a few delays Dying Light 2, one of the most anticipated games of this beginning of the year in which role, parkour, action and many zombies and humans to annihilate come together again.

The game comes as a funny title but at the same time criticized due to some technical failures and also due to the absence of certain playable features. In fact, as they demonstrate on the channel The Bit Analyst, Techland decided at some point in the development discard or cut the first city in which we were shown the game in 2018.

In the video below you can see how this zone which was shown to us almost 4 years ago is out of bounds, being able to see quite characteristic points of it such as a cathedral, a water reservoir or a distant castle that are not in the current playable part of Dying Light 2.

In addition also other features have been removed such as being able to jump over moving vehicles, although not everything is cuts and defects with respect to that trailer, since there are also evident changes in the color palette that is more vivid, improvements in lighting or reflections thanks to real-time ray tracing and changes in the design of some characters that will be positive for some and not so much for others, depending on the tastes of each one. You can see all this in the following video:

A game that manages to make us have a good time

Just like we tell you in our analysis “Dying Light 2 may not be the game we were promised and may have suffered a lot of cuts along the way, but thanks to its parkour mechanics and elaborate mission design get them apart to have fun and make us have a good time, especially if we play in the company of our friends“, all that if they leave us their programming errors that seem to be quite present, especially in the console versions.

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