Tuesday, October 4

The Witch Queen will become Destiny 2’s most pre-ordered expansion

The next expansion of Destiny 2 the witch queen – is destined to become the most reserved expansion in the history of science fiction MMO FPS. Via a tweet from the official social media account (embedded below), it was announced that the game has already passed the milestone of one million pre-orders.

This positive news for the title comes during a period of celebration for Bungie, the creators of Destiny 2, as Sony recently acquired the company for $3.6 billion. This announcement came alongside several assurances included in news posts on Sony and Bungie websites, ensuring the studio’s continued creative independence and that non-PlayStation players will not have a worse experience.

So what can we find out from this news? Well, for one thing, the constant jabs and jokes of the “Destiny is a dead game” type have never been more inaccurate, with the surge of players making a deposit for the next big content update, cementing the game’s standing a bit as a one of the most popular. MMO available right now.

It can also indicate a community satisfied with the direction the game is heading. We’ve already covered the many changes coming in the new expansion, which are overwhelmingly positive, fixing many old issues the game has had for a while, including resource overload. through a rework of the gunsmith and intense RNG through the weapon crafting system.

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Either way, it’s good to see the game continue to thrive in its fifth year. Whether or not The Witch Queen can live up to the high expectations that have surely been set by the community, is something we can’t wait to see. February 22 release date.


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