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Sony launches the official website of PlayStation VR2 summarizing all its functions

Sony introduced the PlayStation VR2 features, the virtual reality headset that will arrive soon for PS5, at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. A month later the company has opened the official website Of the device. It offers no new details, but it is useful in that it summarize the specifications shared in the aforementioned technology fair and throughout the past year.

Here’s a list of features that are promised for both the VR headset (whose design we haven’t seen yet) and the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers. On the web they warn that the application of certain functions depends on each gameincluding 4K graphics, 120fps fluidity, eye movement detection, headset feedback, 3D audio, touch detection, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback.

sony promises “more intense sensory and emotional experiences” (which they do not recommend for children under 12 years) thanks to “eye tracking, acoustic feedback from the helmet, 3D audio and the new and intuitive PlayStation VR2 Sense controller to create an incredibly deep sense of immersion.” In addition, they assure that there will be “genre defining games [refirindose a la tecnologa VR], thanks to the power of PS5.”

Focusing on the headset, tender two OLED screens with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 that will achieve a smooth High Dynamic Range (HDR) image at up to 120 fps; the resolution is four times that of PlayStation VR. Use a slow Fresnel with an adjustment dial that allows you to customize the focus.

PlayStation VR2 Sense

As for the eye tracking, you will be able to increase “emotional response” and enhance “expression when meeting other players online”. In addition, it will also serve to render to more resolution the part of the scene we look at and except the one on the sides: “[…] Advanced foveated rendering techniques enhance the viewing experience by adjusting resolutions to sharpen and highlight what you’re focusing on.”

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The helmet will have four integrated cameras that follow the movement of the player and that of the controls. In addition, the device’s acoustic feedback will emit “subtle vibrations” created by a “single motor.” They explain: “Feel your character’s elevated heart rate during high-stress moments, the speed of objects passing near your head, or the momentum of your vehicle when traveling at high speeds.” Again, remember to connect to PS5 with a USB cable.

Regarding the controls, in addition to having the functionalities of the DualSense (adaptive triggers and haptic feedback), they promise that the design is ergonomic, balanced and comfortable. Touch detection allows you to replicate finger movements and gestures without the need to press a button. In addition to the traditional buttons on a PlayStation controller they will have another “grip” button.

At the moment there is no release date

The only game announced for PlayStation VR2 at the moment is Horizon Call of the Mountain, a first person action adventure developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite Studios. It is unknown if the games published for the first PlayStation VR will be compatible. The device does not have a release date, but from the official website it is implied that there will be an advance sale campaign before the launch.

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