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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra price leak is good news

Samsung’s Unpacked 2022 event is fast approaching as it kicks off on Wednesday, February 9. That’s where we’ll hear all about the new Galaxy S22 phones, but the phones have been leaked so much up to this point that we’re not sure which Samsung has stopped counting.

Still, a reddit thread has surfaced from u/iSmokeGSCookies, claiming to be a Verizon sales representative. They say they had a Galaxy S22 Ultra and offered to answer questions based on their limited knowledge of the device.

We report some of the findings from this thread, where the original poster (OP) claims that the base model Galaxy S22 Ultra will have 8GB of RAM, a reduction from last year’s phone. But the user has answered more questions since we wrote that article.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra price

The biggest tidbit to be gleaned from the thread is that Samsung may be planning to keep the starting price the same this year. That’s $1,199 for those who don’t remember the starting price of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. That’s good news and I can happily say that it contradicts what we’ve heard before, which was that Samsung was planning to raise the price to $1,299. I even wrote about my thoughts on that rumor.

Galaxy S21 Ultra (left), alleged Galaxy S22 Ultra (right) (Image credit: Unbox Therapy)

Sometimes I like to be wrong and I hope the OP is right. (They say to “expect the $1200 range prior to last year’s models.”) Although it appears that Samsung has downgraded some aspects of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, such as its RAM, I think the addition of Note-like features will help make up for the downgrades. Remember that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra launched at $1,299 in 2020, so getting a newer version for $100 less seems like a win in my book.

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Of course, you’re giving up the microSD card slot on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which the OP in the Reddit thread says is still missing from the new Galaxy. According to the comments, many people are not very happy about it. The presence of the microSD card slot has long been a feature loved by many Galaxy fans. It has often been hailed as a great advantage over other phones.

Otherwise, we have less than a week until we find out about the Galaxy S22 Ultra, including price and configuration options. The return of the S Pen seems almost a given at this point, especially since the OP confirms its return. Galaxy Note fans probably have a lot to look forward to this year: the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be a huge upgrade over the Galaxy Note 20 family.

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