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Hideo Kojima released a new project today, but it’s not what you expected | LevelUp

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It is a fact that Hideo Kojima is currently working on several projects that still remain a mystery. In addition to his work at Kojima Productions, the Japanese creative decided to enter a new stage in his career and launch a project that we knew nothing about by surprise.

Many of its fans may be disappointed, as it is not a new video game. Instead, the creative launched Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse, a podcast where he will talk about the industry and about another of his passions: cinema.

Unfortunately, many of his followers will be left with the desire to listen to it, since it is an exclusive production for Japan and, in addition, it is also necessary to overcome the language barrier.

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Hideo Kojima launches a podcast about video games and cinema

Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse is an Amazon Audible exclusive show and is currently only available in Japan. Kojima will talk about video games and movies with various guests. For now there are no plans to release production in other countries or to translate it into other languages, so it is currently only in Japanese.

The first edition of the show will feature several members of 2BRO, a Japanese YouTube channel with millions of followers. For now, it is not clear if Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse It was one of the projects that the creative referred to in past months.

“Each episode will feature a variety of guests having in-depth discussions on topics like video games and movies that can’t be heard anywhere else,” the show’s description reads.

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His fans in Japan are excited by this facet of the creative, but his Western fans will no doubt be a little disappointed not to be able to enjoy Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse.

“I heard it immediately! I was glad to hear the intense talk for over an hour! When will the next installment be? I’m waiting for her!” commented a Kojima fan.

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We recommend you visit this link to learn all the news about Hideo Kojima and his projects.

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