Tuesday, October 4

Captain’s Log, funded on Kickstarter • Console and Dashboard

In less than 48 hours, Captain’s Log has reached its initial goal in Kickstarter. The campaign to search for financing continues, although the game’s release date is already in November of this year.


Captain’s Log It has raised more than 48,000 euros, of the 40,000 set as the initial goal. Its price during the campaign is 80 euros, in a reward that includes the game and unlocked extras, but not shipping costs.

By increasing this amount, we can get hold of the so-called Merchandise Tower. It doesn’t just do the functions of a dice tower, but adds a new mechanic to distribute loads randomly.

This is a Present is Future Games project, created by Anastasio Martínez and illustrated by María Luisa Rufete. From 1 to 4 players they compete in games of 60 to 240 minutes, indicated from the age of 14.

As we learned in his presentation, we are facing a ‘sandbox’ that puts us in front of our ship. We will seek to be the most famous captain of all, in the middle of the colonial era.

Tiles, miniatures, boards, cards, dice and tokens are part of the experience. In its basic mode, we will choose a destination to navigate, either helped by the wind or against it. As we explore, we will find new islands and ports.

We will fight from a distance and improve the ship, both in terms of space and the crew itself. We will search for valuable treasures, with their juicy rewards, and establish alliances with nations to benefit from your favor. Another possibility is to be a ruthless pirate.

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Trade will be part of the experience, whether it’s buying and selling legal goods or engaging in contraband. The duration of the game is customizable, adapting to the time available to the players.

Already in its expert mode, we will put ourselves in the shoes of a famous pirate or admiral. Throughout the adventure, we will put boarding into practice, through a new type of combat. We make use of improved dashboards and the hiring of specialists. The customizable map increases replayability.

Its own author gave us an interview a few days ago, revealing all aspects of the game. No one like himself to discover the development process and the possibilities it offers Captain’s Log.


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