Tuesday, October 4

Another disaster for the Lakers: they fall to the Clippers and Carmelo is injured

Lor of the Lakers this season begins to be from another world, a world of spells or curses or, perhaps, a matter of time and poor planning. Time, the one that some of his players have, of course. Because going to war with such a veteran army means that in many battles you cannot count on your best men.

The dose of bad luck Lakers another victim was claimed again in the match against the Clippers. The yellow team lost to its neighbor Los Angeles, 111-110, in a duel of former candidates who now live in the lower part of the West. The game was decided thanks to a basket of Reggie Jackson, author plus 25 points, four seconds to go. But hides another drama for the Lakers.

In the second quarter of the game Carmelo Anthony He retired injured after a jump shot. Melo went directly to the locker room and did not return to the track. The 37-year-old veteran player had just played 33 excellent minutes against the Trail Blazers with 24 points and a huge compliment from his coach: “It is unfair to value what LeBron does at his age, but not what Melo does“.

Anthony suffered a problem in the hamstring of his right leg that they have to evaluate in Los Angeles to assess its severity. The downtime will depend on it. But his absence does nothing but sharpen that of his own LeBron James. Without a reference ‘4’, Vogel will have to play more in that position to Anthony Davis to avoid ‘dwarfing’ the team. In addition, Lakers they lose the almost 14 points on average that Melo was signing in a good season. Besides, at his age, no one knows how long it will take to recover and if he won’t have any more problems later. The Lakers keep jumping from drama to drama.

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Results of the day

  • Pistons 117-128 Timberwolves
  • Spurs 95-112 Heat
  • Hawks 124-115 Suns
  • Raptors 127-120 Bulls
  • Warriors 126-114 Kings
  • Clippers 111-110 Lakers

The generational duel of bases between Bring Young and Chris Paul he opted… for the side of the young man, the one who tries to dethrone the veteran. It’s what happens to CP3 in each game: the rival point guard, if he is also a present and future star of the League, takes the duel as something personal, like a rematch against the best point guard in the League in the last 10 years.

Young He went up to 43 points to lead his team to a more than worthy victory against the Suns, 124-115. Paul, on the day he knew he was playing his twelfth All Star, he had 18 points, 12 assists and four rebounds while his team suffered its tenth defeat of the course and closed a streak of 11 straight wins.

Since his return to the fields, the options of the Golden State Warriors They have risen like foam. That could be predicted, what was perhaps not expected is that Klay Thompson became a serious threat so soon, with hardly any time to film or acclimatize after almost three years without playing.

In the house of the best pure shooter in history (Stephen Curry), Thompson He gave another recital on how to throw threes. Against the Sacramento Kings (126-114), the Warriors player finished with seven three-pointers (his personal best of the season) in just 9 attempts, scoring 23 points on 8-for-11 shooting, in addition to seven assists and five rebounds. In passing, he led the eighth consecutive victory of his team that maintains the second best balance in the League.

There is no better play in the NBA (and in any basketball game in the world) a play better than the one that decides a game, not a dunk or a pass or a steal. And even more so if the basket supposes the victory when the rival won by one, that is, an all or nothing, win or lose.

Reggie Jackson He was responsible for sealing the Los Angeles derby with a great penetration with four seconds to go. He put the 111-110 in the best play of the night, poorly defended by the Lakers because Jackson leaves two defenders and still beats a third, but excellently executed by the one who was ultimately the best player of the game with 25 points.


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