Wednesday, October 5

We review in video the 20 best Pokémon games

It was put up for sale last week. Leyendas Pokmon Arceus, and is being a huge success, both in terms of sales, as is usual in the saga, as well as critics and the public, since he is falling in love with the fans with your new formula. To celebrate it, we wanted to make a top video that reviews the best installments of the saga.

Video: The 20 best Pokémon games

In this top there is room for both traditional deliveries and Pokmon X/Y (2013) and pokemon black and white (2011), to other experiments in the form of daring and successful spin-off What Pokmon Conquest (2012) the Detective Pikachu (2018). Of course there is also room for the new Pokmon Arceus, which occupies a very high position at the top. What are your favourites?

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