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These are the new reactions to messages that WhatsApp is about to launch

Whatsapp He has been working on the reactions, a function already incorporated by other social networks like Instagram, Facebook or Messenger. With them, we will have up to six different emojis to react to a specific message.

Last October, the specialized portal WABetaInfo already reported the next arrival of these emoticons, noting that the possible reactions would be a heart, a laugh, an angry face, a smile, a ‘Like’ or a ‘I don’t like’, options that are already available in a similar way in similar social networks.

But it is now that WABetaInfo announces the imminent arrival of this improvement in its “next WhatsApp beta updates for Android and iOS”. And he adds that WhatsApp reactions will arrive with end-to-end encryption. Therefore, they will be protected in the same way as messages.

The reactions are heart thumb up (‘ok’ signal), the face crying with laughter, the astonished face, the crying face and praying hands.

These reactions will appear when we click on a received message to which we want to react. But the operation will be different from that of the response function and pressing just once will be enough for the sender to know, through a reaction, that his message has been read.

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In addition to the reactions, last October Whatsapp already announced other news, which could also be launched imminently:

audio transcription

It is still unknown if it will be available for the new version, but the team is working so that the application automatically transcribes the audio.

Pause audio recording

With the new update it will be possible to record an audio, pause it and continue it later. A button will be created to stop the audio and another to resume the recording. The action can be done as many times as necessary.

Videos without volume

This new feature consists of being able to change the application settings so that the videos are played without sound, even if the volume of the phone is activated.

Related news

multi-device function

With the new version it will be possible to log in and use the application from different devices with a single account. WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop will also work without the need for the phone to have an internet connection.

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