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PlayStation Plus at a crazy price: If you don’t play online, now you will

Offered by PlayStation

The PlayStation Plus subscription is known, above all, for the games that those who contract the service receive month after month. But its advantages go much further: from exclusive rewards for the most popular online multiplayer until exclusive discounts, and of course, the possibility of play online on PS4 and PS5 against your friends, your family and any other player from anywhere in the world.

Games, rewards, features, discounts and many other benefits

Included with PS Plus between three and four games a month that stay in the player’s library for as long as they remain subscribed to the service. In February those titles are Planet Coaster: Console Edition for PS5, Tiny Tina Storms the Dragon Dungeon: A Unique Adventure, EA Sports UFC 4 Y NeonHAT, all of them for PS4 with backward compatibility on PS5.

Some months titles are also added developed in Spain in the PlayStation Talents program and even reference works for PlayStation VR. To give you an idea: throughout 2021 games worth more than 1,250 euros were distributed. And all this without counting the savings that can be achieved in the exclusive discounts for subscribers, as the usual PS Store offers are even more discounted with PS Plus.

The thing is not there. PS Plus users have early access to demos and beta tests plus exclusive in-game content for online titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, the online side of Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite Battle Royale and many others. These are skins, cosmetic items, weapons, and other items.

To this must be added the 100 GB of cloud storage that allows you to save the progress of internet games, and the Share Play, which offers us to pass the control to friends and let them enjoy the games online, even if they don’t have it.

And for those who have PS5, the game help Exclusively for PS Plus subscribers, it’s very useful, because without spoiling the plot, the same console interface guides you through different games to beat that final boss that gets stuck or to get a hidden collectible.

Play online cheaper than ever, 3 months for less than 13 euros!

All these advantages are usually priced at 8.99 per month, 24.99 every three months or 59.99 per year. But all those PS5 and PS4 players who do not have an active subscription right now you can access a succulent offer for a limited time: 3 months of PS Plus for 12,49 .

PlayStation Plus at a crazy price: If you don't play online, now I will

The promotion will be available between February 1 and 13 through PlayStation Store (not with cards in stores). However, if you prefer it as a card for any reason, such as to give the subscription to a friend or family member, you can buy a money card of 20 euros (or one of 10 and another of 5) in Amazon, redeem the balance in the wallet and buy from the PS Store the offer of 3 months of PS Plus at 50% discount.

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    So, whether it’s playing your favorite games online, discovering your new favorite title, or taking advantage of the many exclusive features and content, it’s never been cheaper to join the PlayStation Plus community.

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