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Not always? Electronic Arts was excited about NFTs but seems to be losing interest | LevelUp

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NFTs continue to give a lot to talk about because of how controversial they have been. Several video game companies have already dabbled in this trend and many others have said they are interested, which could mean that, as happened with the DLC, NFTs would be part of video games. Electronic Arts was one of them, but it seems that his interest in this nascent trend has waned.

There are still no strong and successful attempts at NFTs for mass-oriented video games, which is why Electronic Arts’ interest in this business could mean that with it this technology will enhance its reach. However, the company doesn’t seem to sound as enthusiastic about NFTs anymore.

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Does Electronic Arts have plans on NFT?

Electronic Arts just held an investor meeting and one part of it, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, took a moment to address the controversial NFT trend, but his response was somewhat different than the previous ones regarding to the topic.

The manager recognized that the video game industry, as happened with 3D technology, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), is venturing into NFTs and is generating a lot of interest and spoke again about the 4 key elements that base collecting: quality content, scarcity, seal of authenticity and the value it has for users. Wilson believes that collecting will continue to be part of the industry, experiences and games in the industry.

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In previous meetings with investors, the manager had mentioned that collecting through NFT would be an important part of the future of the industry. But at the recent meeting he was less sure about it and even mentioned that it is not something the company is interested in.

“And [el coleccionismo en videojuegos] it’s part of NFTs and the blockchain, well that remains to be seen. And I think the way we think about it is that we want to offer the best possible player experience. So we’ll evaluate it over time, but right now it’s not something we’re pushing very hard,” Wilson said. Video Games Chronicle)

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Why does Electronic Arts seem to have lost interest in NFTs?

It is important to note that while Electronic Arts had shown interest in NFTs, it never discussed them publicly outside of investor meetings, so its plans for this matter were never heard of, unlike other video game companies such as Ubisoft, Square Enix and Konami, who have already launched their first projects and who are hopeful about this trend.

Electronic Arts certainly sounded more enthusiastic about NFTs the first few times it talked about them. The company may have based its new stance on the reception NFTs have had. When the company first talked about this trend, there were still no major attempts to implement it in video games. Little by little, the interested companies have launched their proposals and many of them have received so much criticism that they were ultimately cancelled, as is the case of the NFTs of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Worms and even a project in which the voice actor Troy Baker was going to participate.

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