Saturday, October 1

Marcelino: “I have thanked each player for making me enjoy this”

El Athletic lives big in the Cup. “We are very happy and proud of the work of this team and players. It is very difficult to eliminate Bara and Madrid consecutively. We still have a long way to go to reach the final and having eliminated the two greats does not mean that we have to be in the final. Now we have to enjoy what we experienced another special night because it is a joy to live this. I thank the footballers and the fans, who also enjoy watching the team. I have thanked each of the players for making me enjoy this”, highlighted Marcelino.

The Cup as a goal

“I don’t like to see what happens or set goals in January. The goal now is to enjoy this moment, which is thanks to the work of the players, and to think that our next game is with Espanyol in the league, and we want to be at the top. Thinking about other things or differentiating competitions is not the right line. And we have to play everything to the maximum. Last year there was only one game in mind and that can’t be.”

the party plan

“We came out once. And then in the middle block we were a wall. The pressure in the loss was very important and we were always intense, proactive and with a lot of arrival, although perhaps with fewer occasions than we wanted. If you disconnect Real Madrid in his offensive game you start to win the game. We did an immense job because it is difficult to dominate Real Madrid like we did today.Y. I keep that effort and that domain. We are competitive and heavy for the rival. And, furthermore, we are getting more and more comfortable with the ball”

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The order of the semi-final

“If they give me a choice I would choose the same as you, the second at home, but it will be the hype that says it. It’s not worth making guesses. In this tie and in the previous one we got the teams we didn’t want, two monsters, which we compensated for by playing at home”.

Nico Williams injury

It doesn’t look good. It is a pity. It’s muscular, but we’ll see if the tendon is affected or not. We will wait for the tests.”

Berenguer’s role

“Without talking to him, I know what it means not to score a goal. For him it was too much anxiety to do so, when in football there are many things that can be done. This goal is going to come in handy because last year he scored quite a few goals and this year he has had good opportunities.It may be that the goal against Real Madrid is the most difficult of all the occasions he has had this season. I’m happy for Alex, he deserves it because he wasn’t having a good time“.

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