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League of Legends in first person? A fan makes it possible on YouTube

Have you ever imagined how to play League of Legends with a first person camera? This same question is the one that the YouTube user has surely asked himself King Sheep Gaming who, neither short nor lazy, has decided on his own to recreate the popular Riot Games MOBA as if it were some kind of first-person shooter with skills, similar to other games of the style. The result, without a doubt, is most curious.

This is how League of Legends will be played in first person

Riot Games has spent years with a formula that has hit the nail on the head. Its wildly successful League of Legends has gone through many changes since its inception more than a decade ago, but among the company’s plans it has never hovered. the idea of ​​focusing the game with a different camera. The game is enjoyed with a plan isometric area very typical of the genre, however, surely there have been few those who have dreamed ever with seeing the game in first person.

The result of this reverie could look similar which can be seen in the following video:

The video clip that we attach has been devised by King Sheep Gaming on YouTube and as can be seen, it is a recreation of what it would be like to play Straight from Caitlyn’s eyes, in a view of point of view (POV). Interestingly, the user has also reached imitate camera turns that will occur when performing the champion’s abilities.

Even if not a polished job to the extreme, it’s more than enough to give us an idea of ​​how LoL would feel with a much larger camera. more immersive and focused on direct battlefield action.

King Sheep Gaming’s work does not stop here. This hobbyist has also already recreated the POV videos of two more champions, such as Lucian and Jinx, which you can see below:

King Sheep Gaming encourages in the description of these videos that the community and fans themselves ask for more champions to recreate in future first person camera videos. So far it has already attracted attention in the Reddit forums, where many users have surprised with his work and some even fantasize So it would be great if Riot Games included a game mode that would allow the title to be officially played in this way. happen one day? Who knows…

League of Legends is a MOBA found totally free for pc gamers. To learn more about him, you can read our analysis and if you want to get into his universe on the right foot, don’t hesitate to visit our tips and tricks guide.

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