Wednesday, September 28

Gran Turismo 7 stars in the latest State of Play • Console and Dashboard

Through a new State of Play, the characteristics of Grand Touring 7. We are facing news from PlayStation, dedicated to projects for PS4 and PS5.


This driving installment will be ready on March 4, both on PS4 and PS5. A little over a month before its launch, it is shown in detail in a half-hour State of Play.

In addition to reviewing the main features, it allows you to enjoy scenes taken directly from its gameplay. We discover the appearance of the menu and new cars. we will have more than 400 to customize and upgrade, with a clear objective: to achieve victory on the track.

Polyphony Digital promises to offer the best features of the entire franchise. Thus, it is designed for lovers of competition, but also car design, photography and collection. Among its modalities, we will find GT Campaign, Arcade and Driving School.

For its part, GT Simulation allows you to buy, optimize, pilot and sell cars, in a solo campaign. GT Sport will serve to test us with our rivals. We will move for more than 90 circuitswith changing weather conditions.

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