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Gran Turismo 7 reviews its new modes, climate system and other news on video

Polyphony Digital yesterday showed in depth various aspects of Grand Touring 7 in a State of Play dedicated exclusively to the driving simulator that arrives on March 4 on PS5 and PS4. In Vandal we were able to see the presentation and interview its producer Kazunori Yamauchi, who He revealed several details about the content and modes that will be available at launch.

Grand Touring 7 recover similar progress to GT classics, which will make it necessary to start with low-power vehicles in order to later climb the competition. There will be three different dealerships: one second-hand for bargains, rotating daily, one for new vehicles and one for legendary vehicles.

Of course, another more affordable option would be improve the cars that we already have in our garage to get their full potential. “By getting new cars, for example, you will increase your collector level, and when you reach 4, you will unlock the Sports Club category in the Mod Shop,” says Sony.

the new modes

To the usual options, such as the famous license tests, new ones are added. GT Caf is a virtual venue that offers mens with activities which you can complete in exchange for new cars and other items to progress through the game. These missions will ask us, for example, to get three specific cars that you must obtain by winning races. This mode is designed to guide players and pose challenges.

Gran Turismo 7 news from the State of Play

Music rally allows us to play while we enjoy the musical tracks -75 artists that give rise to 300 themes-. Similar to how an arcade works, the goal is to go through checkpoints before a number runs out, which in this case are not seconds but “beats” that descend according to the rhythm of the music.

Circuits, weather and dynamic weather

Another of the highlights in the State of Play has been dynamic display of climate change and time. As the producer and creator of Gran Turismo told us, some functions will not be on all the tracks -90 in 34 locations-: “The change of time, which goes from morning to night, will be included on all the tracks, but the transition time between overnight will be available only in certain circuits, mainly those that hold 24-hour races (…) Regarding the weather, the transition from sunny to cloudy will also appear in all circuits, but only part have complete rain”.

These changes in temperature and humidity will have effect on physics, one of the most complicated aspects to do in Grand Touring 7.

Take advantage of PlayStation 5

From graphics with ray-tracing to 3D audio, haptic feedback or adaptive triggers with the DualSense, GT7 will take advantage of the advantages of PlayStation 5. For Yamauchi it also improves the overall experience thanks to almost zero loading times: what on PS4 can be around a minute, on PS5 it will be a matter of seconds.

Gran Turismo 7 news from the State of Play

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