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Fortnite: Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak land in Chapter 3 of the Battle Royale

Epic Games does not stop collaborating for a single week. Chapter 3 of your star battle royale, Fortnite, which for now is still more alive than ever with a good average number of active players, now welcomes two stars from the world of music: Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. Marshmello started that of the appearances of superstars outside of video games in multiplayer work, and little by little this has been enhanced with the arrival of other artists such as Travis Scott, Ariana Grande and many more. After Spider-Man, Boba Fett, Marcus Phoenix and a long etcetera, it is the turn of the person in charge of Uptown Funk and the one who last year signed Leave the Door Open. And with their respective accessories, of course, which we will detail later.

Rhythm in the battle royale

They both come from Silk Sonic and his participation is the result of the Idol Series, that program that Epic Games started in Chapter 2 of Fortnite that consists of implanting skins of prominent personalities in the game: singers, streamers, professional players, etc. A group of cosmetics, let’s put it that way, geared towards general popular culture for users to enjoy with their idols shooting left and right.

We don’t know if Uncharted finally making it to fortnite though This leak looks pretty good, but we do know that to unlock Bruno Mars as Anderson Paak we will have to go through the box, as is usual in these cases. Both will be available in the store from February 11. That is, as of next weekend at the time of this writing.

Silk Song en Fortnite

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However, there will be a way to get the skins for free. Do you remember the process to unlock Marvel character skins? Well, it will be the same: participate in a competition and be classified in a specific range of positions.

The Copa Silk Sonic will be carried out February 7th and it will be a Two tournament, so invite your best buddy for the session. For those who rank from 1st to 1,250th in Europe, you will be able to unlock the following for free: Bruno Mars skin, Clamorous Scepter backpack accessory, Clamorous Scepter gathering tool, Anderson .Paak skin, and the Thundering Drum backpack accessory .


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