Friday, September 30

The Police dismantle a cryptocurrency mine in Seville with equipment worth 44,500 euros

Nowadays it is quite common talk about cryptocurrency farms or mines (as you prefer to call them) places where we can find dozens of teams dedicated exclusively to mining the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, teams that have dozens of graphics and that are partly responsible for the shortage of GPUs in the world. current market.

During the weekend, the cryptocurrency mines were once again the protagonists of the news, this time for an intervention of the National Police in the Sevillian municipality of Santiponce, accessing a place where they expected to find a marijuana plantation, but what they discovered was a cryptocurrency mine with 22 teams valued at 44,500 euros.

La Polica began to investigate the premises due to a very high electrical consumption, with power company technicians discovering that the mine was using public power defrauding about 2000 euros per month in electricity, which led to police intervention.

Instead of a marijuana plantation (which is what they expected due to the high electricity consumption), what the Police found were 21 equipos ASIC dedicated exclusively to Bitcoin mining with an estimated value of more than 31,500 euros and a rig mining equipment valued at about 13,000 euros. Both teams, according to the images offered by the authorities, carried high-end EVGA graphics (probably RTX 3080 or 307=) and generated profits of about 3500 euros per month.

Is It is not the first time that the Police has carried out an intervention of this type. since last August a similar event occurred in a town in Toledo, with another cryptocurrency mine illegally connecting to the light in order to obtain benefits.

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The graphs lower their premium during the start of 2022

Taking advantage of this news, we want to remind you that a few days ago we told you that the graphs are gradually lowering their premium during the first weeks of 2022 driven, once again, by the fall in the value of cryptocurrencies due to the threat of regulation by Russia and other temporary factors. In addition, Ethereum is going to change its “mining system” for a more energy efficient one that does not require hardly any use of the GPU, which makes the graphics less and less attractive for miners.

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