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The PlayStation 5 just came out a year ago and has already sold more than the Wii U | LevelUp

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The new generation consoles have been on the market for just over 14 months and since their launch they have been very popular with the gamer community, which continues to struggle to get the hardware due to the shortage of semiconductors. Despite this situation, and after knowing the latest financial results from Sony, it has just been confirmed that the PlayStation 5 has already outsold Nintendo’s Wii U.

It was a few hours ago when the updated sales of the PlayStation 5 were made public, where Sony reported that the console had already reached more than 17 million units sold worldwide.

Despite the shortage of units, the PS5 surpassed the Wii U in a year

This data confirmed what was already seen to come, that the Sony console surpassed the misunderstood Wii U, a hardware that became a failure for Nintendo as it did not know how to explain its interesting characteristics well throughout its short life.

According to information shared by the media VGChartz, the Wii U managed to ship around 13.97 million units worldwide, a result that now places it below Sony’s console.

It is worth mentioning that the PS5 also surpassed the PlayStation Vita (16.21 million units sold) and is close to reaching the GameCube (21.74 million).

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On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention the Xbox Series X | S (12.1 million units), which is also nowhere near surpassing the last Nintendo console, a mission that it will surely achieve in a couple of months very easily. Of course, it must be remembered that this figure is an estimate, since Microsoft does not share the number of consoles officially sold.

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