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Slack keeps disconnecting me: how to fix it

Slack is an instant messaging platform that many people rely on to connect to their remote offices. The app has undergone various updates and improvements over the years and is much more stable and durable compared to the original version from 2013.

However, Slack can malfunction in certain cases. One of the most common problems is automatic logout. If Slack keeps disconnecting you, here are some tips that can help.

Slack login issues

Most of the issues with signing out come down to how Slack signs in to your computer. You may have noticed that every time you launch the app, it will briefly display your last used workspace, turn to a blank screen for a couple of seconds, and then properly display the main window.

However, this may be why Slack automatically logs you out. In most cases, all you have to do is sign back in. If you’re experiencing this issue and none of the information below helps, feel free to contact Slack support.

session duration

Before concluding that you have a faulty app, you need to check the settings. As a remote business platform, Slack allows you to make sure you don’t receive any notifications outside of your business hours. However, you can also configure the amount of time that elapses before members are logged out. That can create a unique atmosphere of a workplace that closes at a certain time.

To see if the duration of the session is to blame, use the desktop app. Once you’re signed in, click on your workspace, located at the top left of the app window. Then, from the dropdown list, select Configuration and administration, followed by Workspace settings. navigate to Authentication, then session durationand then click to expand. From this menu, you’ll be able to select how long before Slack requires members to sign in again. Adjust the settings as needed.

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Finally select Save money.

Find a global logout

In 2015, Slack announced a security incident. For four days, a hack occurred that compromised some of the data of Slack users. This data included email addresses, encrypted passwords, usernames, Skype IDs, and even phone numbers of some users.

This incident was a serious threat to the reputation of the app. Fortunately, the company acted quickly and managed to recover. He also handled the matter fairly transparently, which helped.

Many users were automatically logged out at that time. Almost all users using the SSO (Single Sign-On) service, even if it was Google Authenticator, were logged out.

Before taking the issue to Slack support, see if there was a global issue recently. Stay up to date with Slack on social media platforms.


By default, Slack runs when your operating system starts. That means you’ll be in your virtual workspace as soon as you turn on your PC. However, you can disable this. Some people want to be in control of the apps on their devices.

If autorun is disabled, you might think Slack is shutting you down. This setting is very easy to change.

Slack keeps signing out: how to fix it

To enable autorun, open your Slack app, navigate to your workspace name in the top left corner, and click preferences from the dropdown menu. In the Preferences menu, go to the Advanced tab and check the box next to the Launch app at login option. This option will make sure that the app is running the moment you log in to your device.

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Additional slack tips

Getting around Slack will take some getting used to, and becoming proficient in Slack will take even longer. Here are some additional tips to help you master Slack.

Check all unread messages

Most Slack workspaces have multiple channels in addition to personal messages. Sometimes, especially when a workspace is large, you’ll get a lot of direct messages. Whether you are bothered by unread messages or check them weekly, doing this one by one can be time consuming.

Fortunately, Slack allows you to see all your unread messages on one page. All you need to do is use Ctrl + Mayús + A.

Make sure you have enabled Show all unread under preferences > sidebar.

Get rid of unread messages

If you’re sure you don’t need to go through all the unread messages you haven’t seen, you can “read” them all at once with a single command. Paste Shift + Esc. Slack will ask you to confirm if you want Clear all unread. Confirm and done!

Pin key messages

If you want a specific message to appear on a channel, you need to pin it. That’s useful for important notifications. To pin a message, click the three dots icon next to it and select pin to channel.

Slack and sign out

There aren’t too many cases where Slack logs a user out of the blue. This is usually a user-enabled setting or a global Slack security issue.

What was the reason for your logout? Did you manage to fix it? Did you have to refer to Slack support at the end? Feel free to hit the comments section below with any thoughts on the matter you have.

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