Friday, September 30

Pablo Motos, outraged by something that has happened for the first time in ‘El Hormiguero’: “Absolute failure”




Lthe singers Alvaro Soler Y David Bisbal have been this wednesday ‘The Anthill’ to speak with Paul Motorcycles from ‘Counterflow’, the new single that the first one has just composed and in which the second accompanies it. It is a song dedicated to those people who have suffered, particularly in recent times, to those who struggle daily and to those who must completely reinvent themselves.

At one point in the interview, while Alvaro Soler was reminiscing about his time as a teenager in Japan, David Bisbal has revealed that he collaborated with a Japanese artist to cover his song ‘Oye el boom’. “Obviously I don’t remember, but it has to be out there. Álvaro will surely listen to her and say that I haven’t said anything and that what I’ve said doesn’t mean anything”, commented the Andalusian. “Do you have the song there?” asked the Catalan.

“No, in Japanese he doesn’t have it. Valdi tells me that for the first time in 16 years he doesn’t have something,” he pointed out Paul Motorcycles. “Well, give it time, give it time,” he asked. David Bisbal. “We are going to stop the program for a moment, we are going to stop the program for a moment”, continued the host of the entertainment space of Antenna 3. “No man, no, let’s continue,” said the man from Almería. Is it that serious?” he asked. Alvaro Soler. “It’s very serious,” replied the presenter of ‘The Anthill’. “Is it serious?”, The one who was a contestant in the first edition of ‘Triumph operation’ in 2001.

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Jorge Salvador’s computer and Valdi’s sin

“Everything has to be stored in a computer that Jorge Salvador invented I don’t know how many years ago, they want to buy it and he doesn’t sell it, because he has a little program where he puts everything, he puts terror, horror, erotic… So, yes you call Valdi erotic, he plays erotic music, tension, he plays tension music, but it’s the first time you don’t have something we ask of you, Valdi”, he explained Paul Motorcycles about the work that José Manuel González Valderas has to do ‘Chose’, DJ de ‘The Anthill’.

José Manuel González Valderas Valdi, DJ of El Hormiguero.

“We do it for the good of the team, people have to be awake. I want you all to look at Valdi and when I count three we shout ‘absolute failure'”, he asked everyone present on the set of ‘The Anthill’. “No, please, that’s ‘bullying’, uncle”, he has tried to intercede David Bisbal. “One, two and three”, the host of the program, which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from 9:45 p.m., said aloud. “Absolute failure”, they have shouted in unison Paul Motorcycles, Trancas, Barrancas and the public.

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