Tuesday, October 4

Going Under devs call NFTs a “scammer” after publisher Team17 announces NFTs

Corporations continue to invest in NFTs despite community backlash. For example, Ubisoft infamously doubled down on its stance, claiming that its users simply don’t understand its potential. Developers have also had their say, with the team behind Going Under being the latest to call out the controversial trend.

After Team17 announced a series of collectible NFT Worms, Aggro Crab Games responded via a Twitter post, calling them a “scam.” Despite condemnation of this business decision, the indie developer was quick to rally support on behalf of anyone working under that label.

Aggro Crab understands that these types of decisions are often made by people high up in the chain, which means that the opinions of those below them were not considered. many of Team17 staff were reportedly unaware of the decision. until after it was made for them. Because of this, Aggro Crab’s post urges people to refrain from harassing Team17 or any studio working under them.

The post ends with a statement that Aggro Crab will not be involved with Team17 in any future titles, urging other indie players to follow suit unless the company changes its stance. The publisher has tried to distance itself by stating that it does not plan to introduce NFTs in any of its games, but supporting them, in general, is reason enough for concern.


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