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Final Fantasy XIV Streamer Will Leave Ukraine Due to Possible Russian Invasion | LevelUp

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As if the pandemic were not enough, the world is now debating the possibility of a war, and the offensive that the Russian government, led by Vladimir Putin, has mounted on the border with Ukraine seems to be the prelude to an invasion that would put in suspense the relationship between the powers. This conflict has de facto changed the lives of people in Ukraine, a country that entered a period of important development after the fall of the Soviet Union, and this has reached a popular streamer of Final Fantasy XIV.

Zepla, the streamer Final Fantasy XIV, is affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The tension between Russia and Ukraine in the face of what is emerging as an imminent invasion has led Twitch streamer Jessica St. John, better known as Zepla, to make the decision to leave the European country. According to Zepla’s statements, the situation between Ukraine and Russia does not bode well and has considered that it is time to end his stay in Kiev, where he lived for years and from where he streams Final Fantasy XIV, being one of the most recognized streamers.

Unfortunately, Zepla revealed that his departure from Kiev and his return to the United States, where he is originally from, is not so easy because he has to arrange different procedures since his life was made in the Ukrainian capital, so it would be like starting from scratch. Also, the streamer of Final Fantasy XIV He noted that he is also in the process of getting his pets, a dog named Nora and her cat Tallulah, to obtain a passport and take them to the United States.

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On the other hand, Zepla mentioned how difficult it is to assimilate the situation that prevails in Ukraine at the moment because despite the tension, life goes on: “it is disturbing, at least in a hurricane you can see the dark clouds and you know that something it’s coming. You can feel it in the wind, you can feel the rain in the air, you can see the lightning on the horizon. But here, it’s still beautiful, sunny days and everyone going about their business as usual.”

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