Tuesday, October 4

World of Warcraft will allow Horde and Alianza to collaborate on raids and dungeons

the universe of World of Warcraft is based on a absolute rivalry between the Horde and the Alliance, a conflict inherent to the video game that not only has narrative effects, but also thrives on the gameplay of the popular MMO Blizzard due to communication and collaboration restrictions between members of both factions. Now those responsible for the game have announced that in one of the next updates (9.2.5, to be more exact) break the golden rule allowing players from different factions to cooperate in certain situations.

“For years, many players have wondered if the rules restricting communication and cooperation between the Alliance and the Horde need to be so absolute. Faction split could prevent close friends from playing together or make players feel that their faction leaves them with far fewer opportunities to search for their favorite group content,” explain those responsible for World of Warcraft at official blog just before announcing that they will soon test the possibility of cooperating in raids, dungeons, and ranked PvP regardless of faction Of the characters.

Be somewhat optional and controlled, limited to certain modes

Of course, from Blizzard they want to make it clear that the nature of this novelty is completely optional and controlled so that it remains outside the channels of the role of World of Warcraft, so they will keep you limited to more competitive game modes where factionalism can bring negative results. Groups with Horde and Alliance components can be created, but only so that they can participate in the aforementioned game modes. out of them, faction restrictions will still be present and, in fact, the leaders of these groups can still check an option to only allow members of the same faction.

As we can read in the official forum of World of Warcraft, the community has enthusiastically received the announcement of this novelty, making it clear that they wanted to be able to share certain parts of the game with members of the opposing faction.


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