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Will the controversial NFTs come to Overwatch? Designer reveals | LevelUp

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Non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs, have gained a lot of prominence in the video game industry in recent months. Naturally, many gamers fear that their favorite video games will welcome this controversial technology.

the community of OverwatchOf course, pray that the controversial NFTs don’t make it to the title and potentially screw up the core of the experience. After all, Activision Blizzard is famous for implementing aggressive monetization systems.

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Given the constant concern of the fans, a Blizzard worker turned to his social networks to express that he will do everything possible so that the controversial NFTs do not reach the hero shooter.

Jorge Murillo, senior designer of Overwatch, recently stated on his personal Twitter account that he is totally against NFTs and will fight to make sure they are not integrated into the game. Of course, his remarks garnered applause from the community.

Of course, it is worth emphasizing that the designer’s wishes may not be heard by the directors of the studio. Luckily, we have to remember that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, stated a few months ago that he is not interested in NFT games.

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If we consider that Overwatch will belong to Xbox very soon after the recent purchase of Activision Blizzard, we doubt that the technology will be integrated into the game or the sequel. Only time will tell.

But tell us, what do you think of Jorge Murillo’s statements? Would you like NFTs to reach Overwatch? Let us read you in the comments.

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