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Valorant is getting a Lunar New Year event with a theme pack, a free event pass, and the return of the me

Due to the upcoming Lunar New Year and Year of the Tiger celebration, Valorant is hosting a celebration for all of its players. Starting next week, players will have access to a new Lunar New Year-themed bundle, a free Lunar New Year event pass, and the return of the fan-favorite Night Market limited-time store.

The Lunar New Year-themed Tigris Bundle will contain skins for Shorty, Spectre, Operator, and Phantom. Along with these, the pack will also be released with a new Tigris-themed melee weapon. Fans of the previous Prime and Oni sets should be quite pleased with these new skins, as they follow many of the same design cues as some of the older favorites.

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Along with the paid Tigris skin pack, Valorant players should also look forward to a free event pass that will reward various cosmetics such as comrades-in-arms, player cards, and sprays. If other Valorant events are any sign, you should also acquire some Radianite currency through this new event pass to upgrade some of your favorite weapon skins.

Finally, players will be pleased to learn that the Night Market is making a comeback, giving them the chance to get that coveted skin for a massively reduced price. While nothing is guaranteed in the Night Market, there should be at least one Premium Edition weapon skin, along with a Knife skin, available to purchase when it launches.

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