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The group that detected the security breach in Dark Souls 3 is concerned about the Elden Ring

Last week we informed you that, following the discovery of a dangerous security hole in the PC version of Dark Souls 3, FromSoftware decided to disable the online mode of the trilogy Dark Souls on computers to thoroughly investigate the problem and that no user would be affected by data theft or cryptocurrency mining by hackers. Although Bandai Namco acted quickly when the case began to sound strong in networks, everything indicates that the company could have been aware of the vulnerability of online servers for years.

The four users who discovered the security breach have granted exclusive statements to the media VGC and, broadly speaking, they explain that Bandai Namco has always been aware of the serious security flaws suffered by the trilogy’s servers Dark Souls on PC because Numerous players have been informing the company about this issue for years, although they have never received an answer.. Taking into account that Elden Ring will go on sale from this same February 25 for consoles and computers, the group of users has shown their concern about the servers of the new FromSoftware and warn that security flaws may be present.

It is not the only report of failures in the security of the servers

The team reports that all the titles of Dark Souls have serious problems with their network infrastructure, including more than 100 tricks to violate the security of Dark Souls 3 on PCs that could lead to theft of personal information. A representative of the team has declared to the aforementioned media that he contacted Bandai Namco through two emails sent on December 11 and 16, respectively, and that, despite the fact that the company said it would investigate the case, it did not. I took no action of any kind. Given the passivity of the company, the group decided to broadcast a non-malicious test of the security flaw through Twitch to put pressure on Bandai Namco and finally take matters into their own hands with this problem.

My main reason for not being surprised by this is that I also reported a security flaw to Bandai Namco in early 2020 and received the exact same silence.

From VGC they point out that this is not, by far, the only case of a group of users that has discovered a security flaw in Dark Souls 3 and that has been totally ignored by the company. “My main reason for not being surprised by this is that I also reported a security flaw to Bandai Namco in early 2020 and received the exact same silence. I have reported many things over the years to Bandai Namco. Every time I’ve been told to ‘move over to the dev team’ and I never hear anything else“, alleges the user LukeYui. Finally, it should be noted that it is believed that the vulnerability of the structure of the servers of Dark Souls 3 could have something to do with the antitrampas system. In other words, it seems that no measures were taken to avoid compromising this system.

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