Saturday, October 1

PlayStation Plus: February 2022 games now available

February games for PlayStation Plus subscribers are now available through the PlayStation Store. The novelties of the month offer a variety of genres. The titles are Planet Coaster: Console Edition for playstation 5, Tiny Tina Storms the Dragon Dungeon: A Unique Adventure for PS4 -backward compatible on PS5-, EA Sports UFC 4 para PS4 -backward compatible on PS5- and NeonHAT on PS4, exclusive to PS VR virtual reality.

Build your amusement park, fight in the UFC or live the new adventure of Tiny Tina

Planet Coaster: Console Edition is the console version of the amusement park management game, a title that has come with new generation improvements for PS5 and of which in In our analysis we told you that it is “the best complex and complete amusement park management simulator”. The version included is exclusive to the next generation console, so PS Plus subscribers on PS4 will not be able to download it to play on that platform.

UFC 4 is the latest installment in the EA Sports mixed martial arts saga, a title that in our analysis we qualify as “the best MMA simulator inside the octagon, although outside of it it needs more content to shine”.

Tiny Tina Storms the Dragon’s Dungeon, for its part, is a DLC of Borderlands 2 which was originally published in 2013 and recently relaunched as a product standalone. We will live “an epic quest for revenge and redemption, and immersing ourselves in dynamic and fantastic settings full of castles, dungeons and magical forests.” Being the PS4 version, the PS Plus version does not have the improvements next-gen and PS5.

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Lastly, NeonHAT allows us to dodge and shoot against the dangers of the Synthwave skies, compete against other players on global leaderboards and leave a mark on this neon-soaked universe. “Accept the ultimate test of skill for PlayStation VR, with its own 3D maneuvering system, completely motion sickness free, intuitive and frantic, will you be able to reach the top in each of the more than 25 levels?”, they say Their creators.

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